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According to stories told by old people
in the area, our homestead is around 200 years old.
It is said that my great grandfather laid the
foundations of the house. He turned down the
opportunity to undertake studies in a theological
seminary, and therefore sacrificed his career for the
unrivalled beauty of his future wife. The homestead was
called Mockyne after my grandfather’s family name.
Of course, if compared to the neighbouring hills or
Zapyškis Gothic church built in 1578, then Mockyne
is rather young :)
If we talk about age, we can boast of a tradition of
long-lived people in the neighbourhood. Many local
people live to be 90 or even more. People say that
it is due to the local water, which comes to the
wells from a dense system of natural springs..

You are welcome to visit Mockyne and we will willingly share our treasures with you.

Aušra Krisiukeniene, hostess

The grandparents